Question: When using an EANx compatible dive computer to manage oxygen you should choose all that apply?

When using ANX compatible dive computer to manage oxygen what should you do?

To use an EANx compatible dive computer to remain within accepted oxygen exposure limits:

  1. set your maximum oxygen partial pressure to 1.4.
  2. set your specific dive blend.
  3. activate scroll mode that show your no stop limits.

What is the primary benefit of diving with enriched air?

Breathe less nitrogen when you dive

The primary benefit for using enriched air while diving is that you are exposed to less nitrogen when you go diving. The higher the percentage of oxygen in the cylinder means you will be breathing less nitrogen.

Do signs and symptoms always precede a CNS convulsion?

According to oxygen physiologists Stephen Thom and James Clark, “Minor symptoms did not always precede the onset of convulsions, and even when a preconvulsive aura did occur, it was often followed so quickly by seizures that it had little practical value.”

What is NDL diving?

The no decompression limit (NDL) is the maximum allowable dive time that you can remain at a specific depth and ascend directly to the surface without requiring staged decompression stops on the way up. Remember the higher the partial pressure of nitrogen (ppN2), the shorter the dive time (NDL).

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Should I dive nitrox or air?

Breathing air which is enriched with more oxygen reduces the amount of nitrogen and therefore reduces the risk. A dive on Nitrox will be much safer than the same dive profile on air. Deep for Longer: Other than health & safety benefits, Nitrox scuba dives enable you to stay at depth for longer than air does.

How deep can you dive with enriched air?

You shouldn’t underestimate the risk of oxygen toxicity while diving with Enriched Air Nitrox. Still, most of the times diving up to 30 meters down is perfectly fine. You just shouldn’t hit the 40 meters mark!

What is the maximum recommended depth for using 100 percent oxygen?

The NOAA limit for nitrox diving at 1.6 ATA is 45 minutes for normal diving and 120 minutes for exceptional exposure diving. Breathing 100 percent oxygen during a decompression stop at 20 feet (6.1 meters) is a common practice. At this depth, the partial pressure will be about 1.6 ATA.

How deep can you dive with air?

(130 feet) is an appropriate limit for single-cylinder no-stop diving with air because of the short no-stop time you have, plus the relatively quick consumption of your gas supply,” says Karl Shreeves, PADI’s technical development executive.