Question: What movie is the song Sailing in?

Who originally sang the song Sailing?

“Sailing” is a song composed by Gavin Sutherland of the Sutherland Brothers in 1972, best known as a 1975 international hit for Rod Stewart.

Sailing (Sutherland Brothers song)

Songwriter(s) Gavin Sutherland
Producer(s) Muff Winwood
The Sutherland Bros. Band singles chronology

Does Christopher Cross actually sail?

These days, Cross hasn`t given up sailing completely–he still takes his boat out now and then in the waters around Santa Monica, Calif., where he now lives–but his current passion is something a bit faster-paced: auto racing.

Who wrote Sailing by Christopher Cross?

Who Sing relax?

Who wrote I am sailing Rod Stewart?

Is Video Killed the Radio Star about Christopher Cross?

Christopher Cross is typically held up as the poster boy for “MTV killed my career”.


1 Video Killed The Radio Star The Buggles 4:13
5 Freeze-Frame The J. Geils Band 3:57

Why is Yacht Rock called Yacht Rock?

Its name, coined in 2005 by the makers of the online video series Yacht Rock, was derived from its association with the popular Southern Californian leisure activity of sailing.

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