Question: How much do 2 jet skis and a trailer weigh?

How much does a jetski and trailer weight?

The average jet ski weights 400-1,000 pounds. This is listed as dry weight. If you add gear, as well as fuel, expect the ski to weigh an additional 50-200 pounds. Now add your average single place trailer of 175-275 pounds and you have a total weight of 625-1,475 pounds to tow.

Will a double jet ski trailer fit in a garage?

If you have a 9′ garage door you should be able to just fit a double trailer. Most of them are around 8-8.5′ wide. It may take a little time to learn to back them into place.

How much does a Ski Doo trailer weigh?

You can expect an average snowmobile weight to be about 491 pounds (223 kg). Most snowmobile trailers that can carry up to two vehicles can weigh as low as 350 pounds (159 kg).

7 Example Snowmobile Weights.

Snowmobile Model Estimated Dry Weight
Ski-Doo Backcountry X-RS 485 lbs (220 kg)
Ski-Doo Tundra LT 491 lbs (223 kg)

What do Seadoos weigh?

Typically a jet ski weighs between 400 pounds and 1,200 pounds. What is this? Currently, the lightest jet ski on the market is the Sea-Doo Spark, weighing in at 405 lbs / 184 kgs. The heaviest jet ski is the Kawasaki Ultra 310 LX with a weight of 1,074 lbs / 487 kgs.

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How much does a small jet ski weigh?

On average, a jet ski weighs 725 pounds but can vary from 375 pounds to 1,073 pounds. The lightest standup jet ski is the Yamaha SuperJet at 375 pounds.

How Much Does a Jet Ski Weigh?

Make Model Weight (lbs)
Sea-Doo SPARK 3up 90HP iBR 446
Yamaha EXR 540
Kawasaki SX-R 551
Yamaha EX 578

Can you store a jet ski outside in the winter?

If you plan on storing your watercraft outside, cover it with an opaque, breathable tarp or Sea-Doo cover. This will protect your Sea-Doo from damaging sun rays and keep it dust and grime free for next season.

How much does a Triton snowmobile trailer weight?


ELITE16-101 ELITE22-101
Carrying Capacity 2,995 lbs 1,715 lbs
Carrying Capacity (with brakes) 4,000 lbs 3,525 lbs

How much do trailers weigh?

Trailer Weight Chart

Trailer Type Average Empty Weight (lbs.) Empty Weight Range (lbs.)
Large Flatbed Trailer 3,000 500 to 7,700
Dump Trailer 4,500 1,100 to 10,100
Large Travel Trailer 6,700 4,500 to 8,700
Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer 7,200 4,700 to 10,400