Question: Can you kayak on Hatchet Pond?

What was taken from Hatchet Pond?

Hatchet Pond in the New Forest is home to some of the rarest wetland plants and freshwater animals, now in decline. Toilets will be removed and the car park relocated as part of a scheme to prevent pollution. Forestry England said the pond had experienced “unprecedented pressures” due to the influx of visitors.

Are dogs allowed at Hatchet Pond?

Dogs are welcome to swim in Hatchet Pond. Parking is good. You’ll definitely see wild ponies and probably cattle too.

Is there fish in Hatchet Pond?

A variety of fish can be caught at Hatchet Pond and Little Hatchet including; roach, bream, tench, pike, pearch, eels and rudd. In order to fish at Hatchet Pond or Little Hatchet you will require a Forestry England fishing permit as well as an Environment Agency Rod License.

Where is Beaulieu?

The Beaulieu River rises near Lyndhurst in the centre of the New Forest and flows south-easterly across the forest to the small picturesque village of Beaulieu. Below Beaulieu the river passes through the village of Buckler’s Hard before entering the sea through the Solent.

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