Question: Are Old Town kayaks good?

Why does water get into a kayak?

Is an Old Town kayak a good brand?

Old Town is one of the trusted brands when it comes to producing quality kayak products that have been in the industry since 1898. Kayaking is a fun activity to do that you can add to your camping itinerary so you can unwind your mind, relax, and enjoy the picturesque nature while paddling on calm waters.

Are Old Town kayaks made in USA?

The Predator Series of sit-on-top fishing kayaks was introduced in 2013 and has won the most coveted awards in the industry. All of our watercraft are still built by hand in Old Town, Maine, just as they were over 100 years ago.

Is ocean kayak made by Old Town?

While on vacation first time sit-on-top kayakers would have a fun time paddling an Ocean Kayak. … Today, tens of thousands of boats later, we’re one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of sit-on-top kayaks. Our operation is located in Old Town, Maine, but we distribute kayaks all over the world.

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What is an Old Town kayak made of?

First Old Town kayak is produced. Constructed of wood and canvas. 1966 Breakthrough R&D in fiberglass canoes wins Old Town the Grand Prize of the Society of Plastic Industries Reinforced Plastic Division. Selected for originality of application, design, utility, moldability and appearance.

Is a 10 or 12 foot kayak better?

Many 12-foot kayaks can achieve higher top-end speeds than their 10-foot counterparts. As kayaks get longer they tend to be able to achieve higher top speeds because of their larger length-to-width ratio. This gives you, the paddler, more ability to cover more ground in shorter amounts of time.

How much do Old Town kayaks weigh?


Color Sunrise
Assembled Boat Weight The boat’s weight including everything Old Town supplies with the boat – Hull, Hardware, Seat, Accessories and Motor/Pedal console (when applicable). 52 lb | 23.5872 kg
Length 12 ft | 3.7 m
Width 27.75 in | 70.5 cm
Cockpit 38 in x 18.5 in | 96.5 cm x 46.9 cm

Why did Old Town stop using Royalex?

Royalex was extremely tough but if hit hard enough could be dented. … In 2013, plastics company PolyOne, of Avon Lake, Ohio purchased Spartech, and decided to shut down Royalex production due to its low volume. The last sheets of Royalex were shipped from the factory in December, 2013.

Who owns Old Town kayaks?

Does Old Town make fiberglass canoes?

Today, Old Town still makes canoes from the traditional materials — wood and canvas — as well as from fiberglass, thermoformed Royalex and by rotational molding linear low density PE. The kayaks are only rotational molded.

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How long is an Old Town Otter kayak?

Our Recreational kayaks range from 9 feet through 14 feet and are designed for flatwater use.

How do I know what kayak to buy?

Kayak Sizing — What Size Kayak Should I Buy?

  1. Recreational class kayaks are less than 12 feet in length and are greater than 24 inches in width. …
  2. Light-touring class kayaks will range in length between 12 and 16 feet long. …
  3. Touring class kayaks are longer than 16 feet in length and will have a width of 22 or fewer inches.