Is wakeboarding bad for your back?

Does wakeboarding hurt your back?

Waterskiing and wakeboarding are incredible fun, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can potentially hurt your back. If you are just starting out, find someone who can show you the ropes. Always maintain good form when boarding and skiing. Keep your back straight whenever possible.

Can you get hurt wakeboarding?

With the steps I’ve shared, you’ll be on a good path to experiencing a healthy, active lifestyle no matter your age without taking unnecessary risk or experiencing injury or painful recovery. Wakeboarding doesn’t have to be a fun distant memory, and wakeboarding doesn’t have to hurt.

What muscles does wakeboarding work?

It’s a full-body workout

Much like surfing, wakeboarding is great way tone your entire body. As you balance on the water, you make use of the resistance of your own bodyweight, working your core, biceps and triceps, as well as your legs, glutes, and the lumbar muscles in your back.

Is water skiing bad for your back?

Stretching is very important with any physical activity, and water skiing and wakeboarding are not exceptions! Tight hamstrings and hip flexors can put a lot of strain on your lower back when you go water skiing or wakeboarding.

How common are wakeboarding injuries?

Approximately 25% of injuries are lacerations, 11% are concussions, 10% are ankle sprains, 5% are leg fractures, and 5% are shoulder dislocations. There is no significant difference in injury incidence for different skill levels, however, types of injury differ with increased skill and attempts to do tricks and stunts.

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Is wakeboarding bad for the knees?

Wakeboarding poses a high risk of injury to the knees. Common mistakes, such as keeping your legs straight or locking the knees, further increase injury risk. To stay safe, keep your knees bent at all times.

Is wakeboarding good cardio?

Great exercise: Not only is wakeboarding fun to do, but it also requires a lot of strength as you use your hands to hold the rope to perform air tricks. Essentially, it’s a highly efficient full body exercise.

Is it harder to water ski or wakeboard?

Relative Difficulty. Most people agree – getting up on two water skis is easier to learn than wakeboarding, and certainly than slalom skiing. You don’t have as many balance issues when you get up on two skis because you’re facing forward and using your legs for balance.