Is there surf in the Bahamas?

Which Bahama Island has the best surfing?

The island of Eleuthera offers some of the most consistent and powerful surf in the Bahamas. Point breaks, reef breaks and beach breaks, Eleuthera has it all. The island is surrounded by deep Atlantic Ocean on its North and East sides, and that is where the best breaks are located.

Are waves big in Bahamas?

Not so in the Bahamas. You have to work a little for your waves. … The Bahamas doesn’t quite have the swell consistency of other Caribbean hotspots like Puerto Rico, Barbados, or the Dominican Republic. If you come for a week or two at the right time of year; you’ll probably get lucky.

Does Nassau have surfing?

Re: Any surfing in Nassau? There is casual surfing off the reef ridgeline in western New Providence, but I do not know of anyone who offers this as an excursion for visitors. But, as Chicago says, your best bet is to head to Eleuthera.

Can you surf at Atlantis Bahamas?

now there is the atlantis(ridiculous)hotel all over the beach with lifeguards that say “no surfing”,so we go by boat now!but they legally cannot stop anyone from surfing or walking along the beach according to bahamian law. the break is located off of the cove atlantis hotel.

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Can you surf in Exuma Bahamas?

The surf is lapping at your feet and its waves beckon you to envelop yourself in their crystal clear warmth. The beaches may be addictive, but there are plenty of other things to do in Exuma, Bahamas. … The beaches are only the beginning.

Does Bahamas have good surf?

Despite the fact that the Bahamas is not famous for being a surf destination the country has excellent waves. … This is when strong cold fronts come from the north atlantic ocean and the winds typically switch offshore and the surf gets really good.

Do any Caribbean islands have waves?

The Puerto Rico swell has been drawing visitors for over sixty years to the most perfect waves in the Caribbean. The best surf locations are to be found on the north west of the island, and when there’s a storm coming in, the waves can get pretty crazy.