Is Jamaica good for scuba diving?

How good is diving in Jamaica?

Diving in Jamaica offers the chance to see rays, sharks, sea turtles, colorful fish and corals up close. Jamaica’s crystal clear waters invite scuba divers to come back again and again to explore. Be sure to go to the Arches and the Caves, incredible rock structures where you can see rays and sharks.

Is snorkeling in Jamaica safe?

In general, snorkeling is perfectly safe, though there are some practices that all swimmers should keep in mind. 1. Do not step or walk on the coral reefs. This will prevent any nasty cuts and protect the reefs, which is the most endangered ecosystem in the world.

Where is the cheapest place to dive?

5 Cheap Places to Scuba Dive

  1. Cozumel, Mexico. Bargain-basement prices are not the only reason cost-conscious divers flock to Cozumel. …
  2. Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras. …
  3. Bonaire. …
  4. Thailand. …
  5. Southeast Florida.

What is the underwater capital of the Caribbean?

Scuba Diving In Grenada: What To Expect. Grenada is sometimes called the shipwreck capital of the Caribbean. This is because there are many wrecks off the coasts of this pristine Caribbean island, including the famed Bianca C wreck, which is rated among the top 10 wreck dives in the world.

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