Is it safe to sail in the Red Sea?

Why do ships not sail through the Red Sea?

The Red Sea presents a challenging platform, with threats of piracy, headwinds from the Med, sandstorms, and corrupt Suez Canal officials.

When can you sail the Red Sea?

As of 25 October 2019, yachts are still moving both north and south through the Red Sea. Although it is possible to make the journey nearly any time during the year, the most common timeframe for either a N-S or S-N passage tends to be in the mid-December to mid-April timeframe, during the NE monsoon.

Is it safe to sail around the world?

Statistically speaking, sailing is one of the safest ways of seeing the world. But you can make it more dangerous if you’re not careful. … You would have to be wary if you were thinking of sailing in certain parts of Indonesia or Venezuela or Nigeria, for instance. Waves of crime against yachtsmen come and go.

Are there pirates in the Red Sea?

Somali piracy in the Gulf of Aden, the southern end of the Red Sea, and wider Indian Ocean posed the most serious recent threat to commercial shipping in the region. Between 2010 and 2014, there were more than 350 attempted or successful attacks on commercial vessels.

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Is it safe to sail the Mediterranean?

The shoulder seasons tend to bring the fiercest winds across the Mediterranean. The weather is often unsettled, with strong winds followed by spells of light breezes and confused seas. … That said, you can still sail safely in spring and autumn by staying within close range of marinas when the weather is unsettled.

Is it safe to sail near Somalia?

The waters in the vicinity of the Somali coast, both south and west of the Horn of Africa, are considered to be dangerous for both commercial shipping and small boats. The US authorities advise vessels to stay at least 48 km (30 miles) off the African coast. … No pirate attacks were reported off Somalia in 2019.

How long does it take to sail across the Indian Ocean?

Sailing the Southern Route takes about 7 months from April 1st, the end of hurricane season, to November 1st the same year in South Africa. It’s a bit more of a hustle, as it’s a lot of miles to cover in a short time frame.

Can I sail through the Suez Canal?

On a Suez Canal cruise, your day sailing through the canal is the adventure. Step out onto the cruise ship deck or your own private veranda to watch the scenery of Egypt pass you by. The ship doesn’t stop during your time in the Suez Canal, but you can opt for shore excursions at the ports before or after your journey.