Is black sails based on real pirates?

Was Eleanor Guthrie a real person?

Eleanor Guthrie

Not quite a historical figure in her own right, Eleanor and her father represent members of the Guthrie clan, a Scottish merchant family who lived near Nassau and made a fortune dealing with the pirates.

Is Bellamy in black sails?

Sam Bellamy, also known as Black Sam, was one of the founders of the Pirate Republic and a notrorious pirate captain.

Sam Bellamy
Ships Whydah Gally
Relationships None
Appearances First Mentioned: XX. Last Mentioned: XXIV.
Portrayed by N/A

Is Blackbeard mentioned in Treasure Island?

Five real-life pirates mentioned are William Kidd (active 1696–99), Blackbeard (1716–18), Edward England (1717–20), Howell Davis (1718–19), and Bartholomew Roberts (1718–22). Kidd buried treasure on Gardiners Island, though the booty was recovered by authorities soon afterwards.

Why is Long John Silver called long?

Long John Silver earned the title ‘Long’ because of his height. He is a tall, muscular man who does not let his peg leg interfere with his fighting…

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