Is a bigger wakeboard better?

What happens if a wakeboard is too big?

A wakeboard too big for your size and skill level will feel cumbersome and you will not manage to maneuver with it well. If you go for a wakeboard that is too small for your height, you lose control and stability. An inappropriate wakeboard will limit the tricks you can perform on water.

How big should your wakeboard be?

Wakeboard Size Chart

Rider Weight (lbs) Wakeboard Length (cm)
< 100 < 130
90-150 130-134
130-180 135-139
170-250 140-144

What size wakeboard do the pros ride?

Most pros are riding around 140. Definitely understand both above posts. I was just curious on the smaller boards, I would never attempt to ride anything smaller than a 138. But I am strongly considering the 138 hoping to have a little bit of a lighter board and still maintain a fast board.

Do you need boots to wakeboard?

For an easier ride, you should invest in a board with a continuous rocker. Don’t forget to get yourself a pair of wakeboarding boots, properly known as bindings. You can’t just wear any old pair of boots, they have to be locked into place during your ride on your wakeboard.

What size board does Shaun Murray use?

This time he rides on the Murray Jr kids wakeboard, it’s only a 120cm board !

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Does the size of a wakeboard matter?

You’ll also find that smaller boards are better for inverts, there’s a reason why old school riders all used 137/138 boards all the time. A smaller board is also less wide, which means faster and better edge-to-edge control. You have less surface to put pressure on which makes is faster to switch from edge-to-edge.

Can you be too heavy to wakeboard?

A wakeboard that is too big will feel heavy and hard to maneuver, while one that is too small will sink further into the water and feel somewhat unstable. Bindings are the most important part of your whole wakeboard setup.

Wakeboard Sizing Chart.

Rider Weight (lb) Rider Weight (kg) Wakeboard Length
200lbs + 91kgs + 140cm +

Can you wakeboard without a tower?

Do I need a wakeboard tower for wakeboarding? No, you do not need a wakeboard tower in order to wakeboard from a boat. However, a wakeboard tower does make it much easier to wakeboard, kneeboard or wakeskate. A wake tower gives much higher tow point that helps keep the tow line elevated.