How strong is diver down?

How rare is Diver Down?

Diver Down, often abbreviated to DD, is a stand that appears as a humanoid in a strange green scuba suit adorned with the letter D on several parts of its body. Diver Down is Rarity Tier Level 5.

What is Diver Down a reference to?

Background. The album cover artwork displays the “diver down” flag used in many US jurisdictions (which indicates a SCUBA diver is currently submerged in the area).

Can Anasui go through walls?

Powers & Abilities

Its main ability is to phase through objects and manipulate them from within. This can be used to attack the enemy from within, or to protect an ally from attacks. Anasui often uses Diver Down to climb through walls by summoning arms on the wall, using them as steps.

Is Stone Ocean stronger than Star Platinum?

Belonging to Jotaro Kujo, Star Platinum is a short-range stand that is capable of very precise and fast movements. … In Stone Ocean, Jotaro can stop the time for a maximum of five seconds. Despite having so much power, Jotaro’s Star Platinum isn’t the strongest stand in Stone Ocean.

Who is the fastest JoJo character?

Crazy Diamond is the stand of Josuke Higashikata. It is a close-range stand that can deliver lightning-fast punches when it is close to the target. In part 4, Josuke proclaims that Crazy Diamond can punch at the speed of 300km/h.

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Is diver down a good album?

So as a summary, Diver Down is a very good record, but doesn’t quite hold up to the other material the band made in the DLR-era. And even though they upped the pop-elements for the next albums, the results were there for all to see in the year 1984, which left it all to history.