How much money does a scuba diving instructor make?

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How much can you earn as a scuba diving instructor?

Most instructors will earn between $18,000 to $36,000, and while this is not great you are doing a job you love, often accommodation is included, and there are chances for progression as experience grows.

Can you make a living as a dive instructor?

Some Dive Instructors make as low as US$500/month while others can make US$4000-US$6000/month and others will make anything in between. A scuba diving instructor salary and how much a diving instructor can make, depends on a few important factors. For example: Fixed salary or commission based dive salary.

How much do professional scuba divers make a year?

How much do scuba divers make? Divers make a national average salary of $49,602 per year according to Indeed Salaries where salary averages are frequently updated.

How do I become a scuba diving instructor?

Requirements for Instructor

  1. Have a minimum of 100 logged dives.
  2. Complete the Instructor Development Course (IDC) with a qualified Course Director.
  3. Pass an Instructor Evaluation (IE), conducted by an independent examiner sent by PADI.
  4. Have a current, valid medical clearance.
  5. Apply and pay for membership with PADI.

How much do dive masters get paid?

ZipRecruiter reports that in the U.S., a divemaster salary can range from $19,500 to $146,000, and average about $64,802. These numbers reflect different skills levels, years of experience and location. A divemaster salary can also fluctuate depending on the season and the seas.

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Do scuba divers make money?

1 Work as an instructor or dive guide. … You can earn money working as a dive instructor or dive guide either freelancing or at a dive base. If you are a certified scuba diver, you should already have an idea of the tasks and responsibilities these jobs involve. Being a dive instructor is a lot of fun!

Do you tip scuba instructor?

As diving is a service industry, it is customary to tip your instructor, guide, and/or crew. Some operators will even have a tip jar in the shop or on the boat. However, it is not mandatory to tip. … So if you don’t tip, please make sure the service warrants that action.

Are dive instructors in demand?

No doubt, there are lots of people out there who hold instructor ratings and would love to work in a resort. Still, demand typically exceeds supply. … Industry estimates are that there are about 2,000-2,500 dive stores in North America and about 600-700 dive resorts in the Caribbean basin.