How much is a Jet Ski key?

How much is a replacement jet ski key?

Most reasonable dealerships will charge between $25 and $50 for a replacement key. There are a few places that may charge less, and other places that may charge more. Some people end up paying as much as $150 for a replacement key.

Are all jet ski keys the same?

Each key has a different code, and each jet ski is capable of reading up to 8 different keys. … The codes on each key are different, so you can’t use one to re-program the other if it gets lost. Instead, you have to take the whole watercraft to a dealer to buy a new key and have it programmed to the jet ski.

How many keys come with a jet ski?

Yeah, two keys. The Sea-Doo Learning Key is a substitute lanyard system pre-programmed to limit engine rpm. It can be set to two different maximum speeds, allowing novice and less experienced riders to step up the performance as they gain experience, greater confidence and control. The DESS is your normal one.

Can you start a Sea-Doo without a key?

Unlike standard metal keys, your Sea-Doo key must be specifically programmed for your PWC. … For security purposes, only the right key will be able to start your Sea-Doo. If your key is totally lost, you’ll have no choice but to get new keys, which must be programmed to your Sea-Doo.

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How long does it take to program a Sea-Doo key?

Well-Known Member. Wow even at the stealership here, the key was $40 and free programming. It takes 2 mins.

Do jet ski keys float?

I bought a couple with the DESS key ($25) and programmed them, they float.

How much does it cost to program a Dess key?

All Sea-Doo dealers sell DESS keys and can program them. The average cost can range anywhere from $25 to $150. This includes the price of the DESS key itself and the charge to program it. Dealers cannot program a DESS key without the actual personal watercraft in their presence.

How does Ski Doo Dess work?

The DESS Key Security system, or Digitally Encoded Security System, is a lanyard containing a computer chip with a unique numeric code that the owner connects to the dess post on their jet ski in order to be granted access to start and operate it.