How long can you dive with Nitrox?

How much longer can you dive with nitrox?

At 60 feet, the diver’s maximum time would be 55 minutes. But, nitrox changes these numbers. Because you’re breathing less nitrogen, less dissolves into your body, all else being equal, allowing a longer no-decompression limit.

Can you stay down longer with nitrox?

Many people think that nitrox allows you to dive deeper and stay down longer, but this is simply not true. Nitrox is a shallow-diving gas. While it can extend no-decompression limits (NDLs) compared with air, you still breathe at the same rate, so you’ll still breathe the tank down at the same rate.

Why can you dive longer on nitrox?

Longer Bottom Times

Divers who use nitrox absorb less nitrogen, making them stay underwater for longer. They’re also less likely to get decompression sickness. It’s worth noting that older divers and those who’ve experienced decompression sickness or physical injuries can reduce no-decompression limits with the gas.

Whats the deepest you can dive with nitrox?

However, when diving on nitrox, the potential for oxygen toxicity lurks well within the depth range of recreational diving: the maximum depth on 32 percent nitrox is 121 feet; on 36 percent nitrox, it’s just over 100 feet. Many divers regularly cruise at these depths and even deeper without giving it a second thought.

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Does nitrox increase bottom time?

As stated, when you dive using nitrox you can take advantage of increasing your maximum allowable bottom time. This happens because the extra oxygen added to your breathing gas when it was filled has displaced nitrogen.

Do you use less air with nitrox?

Although you are breathing more oxygen and less nitrogen, the amount you breathe and the rate you consume the contents of your tank is not affected by the mixture. In fact, you’re more likely to use your tank’s contents more quickly on Nitrox than on air simply because you will be at deeper depths for longer.

Does nitrox go bad?

you missed the first point of my post that nitrox does not go bad any more than air does.

Is it worth getting nitrox certified?

Is a nitrox certification “worth it”? If you fancy staying down longer and getting back in the water sooner, then yes; getting nitrox certified is worth it. You can take more photos, wave to more turtles, and spend more time exploring at depth. Many divers wait too long to try nitrox.

How many dives can you do in a day with nitrox?

With nitrox, combined with 1 hour surface intervals, and a 2 hour break at lunch, you can do 4 to 5 dives per day. That is not in question by most divers.

Do you feel better diving with nitrox?

If you ask most people that dive on Nitrox, they will all say the same thing, they feel a lot better when diving on Nitrox than they do after diving on normal air.

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