How fast should I swim 50m?

How fast do Olympic swimmers swim 50m?

The average 30 sec per 50 yards master swimmer hits the water at around 4.7 miles per hour (6.9 ft/sec.) (2.1 meters/sec.). For a 50, this would be 21.4 seconds. Fact: The fastest breaststroker in the Olympics swims at 1.64 meters per second.

What is a fast 50m freestyle time?

Ranomi Kromowidjojo of The Netherlands snagged the short course meters record with a time of 22.93, also set in 2017. Abbey Weitzel of the United States holds the record for the fastest 50 yard freestyle: a 20.90.

How fast does Michael Phelps swim 50m?

Personal Best Results

Event Time Pool Length
Men 400 Medley 04:01.49 25m
Men 100 Freestyle 47.51 50m
Men 200 Freestyle 01:42.96 WR 50m
Men 400 Freestyle 03:50.53 50m

Do swimmers breathe during 50m?

In the 50m free, swimmers dive into the water and crawl as fast as they can for one length of the pool. That’s the entire race. And most of them do it without breathing. Breathing is an essential part of human life.

How deep is 50m in a pool?


Physical property Specified value
Length 50 m
Width 25.0 m
Depth 2.0 m (6 ft 7 in) minimum, 3.0 m (9 ft 10 in) recommended.
Number of lanes 10

What is a good Swolf score 50m pool?

As a guide, a swolf score of between 35 and 45 over 25m is very good, or over 50m scoring in the low-70s is excellent. Apparently Russian sprint champion Alexander Popov scored 45 in a 50m pool – 25 seconds at 20 strokes!

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How many strokes is 50 meters?

Your goal is not to achieve a single “best” count, but to learn the range of counts at which you can swim effectively. For Freestyle, my range in a 25-yard pool is usually between 11 and 15 SPL (12 to 16 SPL in a 25-meter pool and 30 to 40 SPL in a 50-meter pool.).