How fast does a Gannet dive?

What speed do gannets hit the water?

One of our largest seabirds, gannets feed on fish, which they catch by diving head-first into the sea, their wings folded right back. Diving from heights of 30m, they can hit the water at speeds of up to 60mph.

How deep can a Gannet bird dive?

Most plunge-dives are relatively shallow, but the Northern Gannet can dive as deep as 72 feet. It uses its wings and feet to swim deeper in pursuit of fish.

How fast do the birds hit the water when diving for fish?

Summary: To surprise their prey, some species of seabirds dive into the water at speeds greater than 50 miles per hour. A human diver entering the water that fast would likely sustain serious injuries, but birds, such as gannets and boobies, pull off these dives safely in spite of their slender necks.

Can gannets see underwater?

Australasian gannets (Morus serrator) have a more elegant solution: they’re able to change the shape of the lens in their eyes within about a tenth of a second so that they can focus on objects underwater.

How long can Ducks hold their breath?

On average they dive for roughly 12 seconds, but they are capable of staying underwater for about 25 seconds.

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Why do diving birds tuck their wings into their bodies?

During the dive they will use their wings as rudders to control their direction, tucking their wings in at the last moment just before they hit the water. Their velocity can carry them 5 metres below the surface of the water. They can additionally swim a further 15 metres to hunt down prey.