How fast does a 130 HP jet ski go?

How fast is a 150 HP jet ski?

In the $5,000 to $9,000 range you can pick up a typical two- or three-seater jet ski with 110 to 150 horsepower which will propel you to speeds around 50 mph.

How fast does 110 hp jet ski go?

EXR: 110 HP, 54 MPH. EX Deluxe: 100 HP, 50 MPH. EX Sport: 100 HP, 50 MPH. EX: 100 HP, 50 MPH.

How fast is a Seadoo GTX 4 TEC?

The original 4-tec GTX from 2002 was capable of speeds in the low to mid 50 miles per hour (MPH) range. The 155 HP was leaps and bounds ahead of any Seadoo predecessor and held an advantage over the competition as well, including the 4-stroke Yamaha personal watercraft.

How fast does a 1997 Seadoo GSX go?

1997 GSX max speed 35 MPH.

Is 200 hours a lot for a jet ski?

In general, every 4-stroke jet ski over 300 hours is considered a lot of usage, while in the case of 2-stroke jet skis, this number is around 200. But proper maintenance is always more important than engine hours!

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