How do you train for white water rafting?

How do you get in shape for white water rafting?

Upper Body

  1. Bench Presses and Pull-Ups: Bench presses and pull-ups help increase overall strength. …
  2. Dips and Rows: These two exercises develop two of the kayaker or rower’s go-to strokes. …
  3. Curls and Overhead Presses: Again, these will help increase your overall strength.

Do you have to be in shape for whitewater rafting?

The simple answer is “YES” you need to be reasonably fit to take a raft trip. … Another of our raft trips, Introduction to Whitewater Rafting, is a step up in length, and in intensity, but still one of those trips we recommend for people who question their fitness level.

What skills do you need for white water rafting?

Most Common Skills For River Rafting Guides

Rank River Rafting Guide Skill Percentage
1 Safety Procedures 37.2%
2 First-Aid 17.9%
3 Safety Rules 8.2%
4 Responder 7.8%

How long does it take to become a white water rafting guide?

Between commercial outfitter schools, the main difference is in the quality and length of the school. It’s not possible to become a “qualified raft guide” in 6 days or even 2 weeks. We believe it takes a minimum of 6 long days spent on and off the water for students to learn and get comfortable with the very basics.

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Is white water rafting good exercise?

It’s great exercise.

Rafting is a whole lot more than just sitting in a boat! Paddling and balancing the boat requires people to use many different muscle groups. Depending on your weight and the difficulty of the river, you could burn about 350 calories per hour of rafting.

Who steers the white water raft?

Paddle: Composes a blade, shaft and T grip that clients use on a raft to propel the boat. Guides may use a paddle also to steer the raft. Oar: A large 9-12 foot device that guides use to steer and propel rafts.