How do you roll a sail?

How do you shape a sail?

Learning to trim sails upwind correctly is simple: just let the sail out (“sheet out”) until the sail is flapping in the wind like a flag, and then gradually sheet back in until the sail develops a nice, smooth curved shape.

How do you fold a sail for storage?

Each person grabs the sail, and the folders pull the length of sail taught against each other, then fold it over on top of the foot. The person on the luff guides the process keeping track of the size of the folds. When you reach the head of the sail, fold the head over to lay it on top of the sail.

How do you store a laser sail?

For long-term storage, most people advise storing your Laser dinghy by supporting it under the gunwales. You can even use a hoist system to pull it up to the rafters in your garage while still being supported by the gunwales. Use a cover to keep it clean.

What does trim your sails mean?

Modify one’s stand, adapt to circumstances, as in His advisers told him to trim his sails before he alienated voters and bungled the election completely. This metaphoric expression alludes to adjusting a ship’s sails to take full advantage of prevailing winds. [ Late 1700s]

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What is the best sail shape?

The best shape for acceleration has the draft fairly far forward. Upwind — When a boat is sailing into the wind, you want sails that are relatively flat. Flatter sails reduce drag when sailing upwind and also allow you to point a little closer to the wind.

What is the topping lift on a sailboat?

The topping lift (more rarely known as an uphaul) is a line which applies upward force on a boom on a sailboat. Part of the running rigging, topping lifts are primarily used to hold a boom up when the sail is lowered. This line would run from near the free end of the boom(s) forward to the top of the mast.