How do you pack a dive regulator?

How do you transport a scuba regulator?

If you do use a regulator bag you can try to fit it in your scuba gear bag, to check it in. Otherwise, wrap your regulators in clothes and carry it with you in your hand baggage to be on the safe side. Always start with your buoyancy compensator as it takes up the most space.

How do you store BCD and regulator?

It is best to store regulators and/or gauges in a separate regulator bag or in a sealed plastic bag. All the hoses should be coiled up loosely Never store the regulator while it is connected to the cylinder valve.

How do you pack BCD for travel?

Pack your BCD first and in the middle of the bag, then put the fins on either side. This helps to provide padding on the bottom from the BCD, and a wall on either side from the fins. Make sure your mask is in a protective hard case. Stow your regulator in a regulator bag for extra padding.

How do you transport a scuba tank in a car?

Most instructors recommend placing tanks in your vehicle with the valves forward. That way, if the valves break off in an accident and they take off they go toward the vehicle that hit you. Many divers place their tanks with the valves toward the rear.

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How do you store scuba tanks in a car?

The first rule is to never store the cylinder empty or laying on its side. For long-term storage, do not lay the cylinder on its side. If the ride is short, it is good practice to leave them on their side. However, if you are leaving them in your car for a long time, the tanks should be kept in a vertical position.

Can you store scuba gear in garage?

If storing gear in the summer, don’t put them in a garage. Keep them upright rather than lying down. Leaving your cylinder on its side for extended periods can cause any water inside the tank to spread over a larger area, where it could corrode the sidewall.

How do you pack snorkel gear in a carry on?

Keep it close and safe in your carry on if you can. However, TSA rules can be ever-changing and inconsistent, so if for some reason you can’t carry it on, pack it in the very center of your checked bag surrounded by shock-absorbing clothes. If you have a hard case for it, be sure to use it.

Can you fly with dive weights?

While those guidelines seem a little vague, it generally says that your personal dive equipment can be carried onto the aircraft-subject to size limitations. Just remember, you can rent cylinders and weights at your dive destination.

Can you carry on fins?

There is no reason you can’t put fins in carry on luggage. You are just subject to the normal carry on rules, meaning size and number of carry on items.

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