How do you hand sew a swimsuit?

What stitch should I use for swimwear?

You will want to use a ball point needle when sewing with spandex/knit fabrics or you may get skipped stitches. You will also sew with a zigzag stitch when using your sewing machine or a special stretch stitch that some machines have. I prefer a basic zigzag that is 2.0 wide and 2.5 length.

How many yards of fabric does it take to make a swimsuit?

FABRIC REQUIRED: 58″ or 60” (150 cm) wide fabric. 1 yard (7/8 meter) of swimwear fabric, 1 yard (7/8 meters) of lining fabric. If you are lining with the same swimwear fabric: 2 yards (1 ¾ meters) of swimwear fabric for exterior and lining.

Does bathing suit material fray?

Lycra and spandex material is nearly impossible to sew without causing more tearing and fraying. There are a few other options, but you also might find repairing the swimsuit is simply more work than just replacing it.

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