How do you edge a kayak?

What does it mean to edge in a kayak?

Edging is when you tilt your kayak slightly to one side. The key is to hold it firmly at a balance point that enhances control of the boat and lets you do things like carve a more precise turn or turn more quickly. … Let the lower body control the boat.

What if your kayak flips?

Kayak expert Kathleen O’Neal from Ocmulgee Expeditions demonstrated how to ‘self rescue’ if your kayak flips over. “Hold onto your paddle, get back near your boat and flip it back over so it’s upright. Then climb back in. Use a scissor kick to throw yourself up onto the boat.

What is a draw stroke in kayaking?

The draw stroke is an effective method of pulling your kayak to the side without turning. Once you’ve learned how to paddle forward and in reverse, you may want to learn the draw stroke. This stroke is also called “pulling” the kayak, and will help you to move from side to side in the kayak.