How do you dive and swim in ACNH?

How do you swim and dive in Animal Crossing?

What can you do while swimming in Animal Crossing? You can catch sea creatures! While swimming about, keep an eye out for bubbles in the water and if you spot one, hit Y to dive and when you emerge, you should have something like a sea anemone to show off!

Why can’t I swim in ACNH?

Simply get a wet suit and jump into the ocean. For more info and tips, visit our guide on how to swim & dive in ACNH. Original text (March 2020): In short, no. You can neither swim nor dive in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Do I need a snorkel to swim Animal Crossing?

Although Nintendo sends every Animal Crossing: New Horizons player a snorkeling mask for downloading and installing the update, these are not actually required; they just add to the look. What is required is a wetsuit, which can be purchased via the Nook Shopping App or at Nook’s Cranny.

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