How do you bodyboard without fins?

Do you need swim fins to bodyboard?

It’s tricky getting to grips with swim fins for the first time but stick with it. They’re an essential part of improving your bodyboarding and once you get used to them, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

Do body boarders wear flippers?

In addition to your bodyboard it is good to purchase some quality swim fins or flippers to help propel you through the water. … Most bodyboarders wear a rash guard or in combination with a wet suit which is great for warmth and protection against chafing.

Do bodyboards have fins?

Unlike fiberglass stand-up surfboards, the bodyboards dropknee riders use don’t have fins underneath to help maintain a line on the face of a wave or to stop them sliding out so dropknee riders rely on weight transition from rail to rail to hold a line on a wave and turn/snap.

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