How do I reset my Suunto Cobra Dive Computer?

How do you reset a Suunto dive computer?

The memory of a diving computer cannot unfortunately be reset as this is a circle memory. The diving computer will start automatically overwriting the oldest dives when the memory capacity is exceeded. The maximum depth in the history memory can be zeroed but this can be done only in the Dive Manager software.

How do I change the Suunto Dive mode?

Suunto Zoop Novo has the following dive modes: Air: for diving with regular air. Nitrox: for diving using oxygen-enriched gas mixtures.

To change dive modes:

  1. While in time mode, keep DOWN pressed.
  2. Press SELECT to enter Dive Mode.
  3. Change to the desired mode with UP or DOWN and confirm with SELECT.
  4. Press MODE to exit.

Are Suunto dive computers too conservative?

Suuntos would always give the less time than just about every other computer. You will likely get some responses here that give you more detail about the algorithms used by different computers, but what it comes down to is… yes, Suuntos are conservative.

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How do I reset my Suunto watch?

Performing the factory reset:

  1. Connect your watch to your computer using the provided USB cable and open SuuntoLink.
  2. Wait for the watch to be recognized and for the sync to be complete and click the cogwheel (upper right corner) and select Watches.
  3. Click on Watches and under the watch name, select Reset all settings.

How do I connect my Suunto watch to my computer?


  1. DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL SUUNTOLINK. Download the software from the links. Install the software to your computer by double-clicking the download file. …
  2. CONNECT YOUR WATCH TO SUUNTOLINK. Connect your Suunto watch to your computer with the provided USB cable. SuuntoLink opens automatically when the watch is detected.

How do I turn on my Suunto dive computer?

Press the SMART (MODE) button

To activate the dive computer. To change from the Surface Mode to the menu based modes.

When using ANX compatible dive computer to manage oxygen what should you do?

To use an EANx compatible dive computer to remain within accepted oxygen exposure limits:

  1. set your maximum oxygen partial pressure to 1.4.
  2. set your specific dive blend.
  3. activate scroll mode that show your no stop limits.

How do you set up a Suunto dive watch?

To get started:

  1. Wake up the device by keeping any button pressed until the display turns on.
  2. Keep DOWN pressed to enter General Settings.
  3. Set time. See Time.
  4. Set date. See Date.
  5. Set units. See Units.
  6. Press MODE to exit settings.

What is Gauge mode on a dive computer?

Gauge — In gauge mode, a computer acts as a bottom timer. It will display your time and depth but will not give you a bottom time or no-decompression limit. Freediving — Also called ‘Free,’ this mode is designed for no-tank, breath-hold diving.

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Is Suunto a good dive computer?

Suunto dive computers are trusted, functional and durable tools for all kinds of underwater adventures from the beginner to the advanced. All Suunto dive products are extensively tested and made in Finland. Highly durable dive computer equipped with two algorithms, rechargeable battery and wireless mobile connection.

What is conservatism in diving?

Generally speaking, conservative means safer. In practice it means that a dive at a given depth is shorter due to the decompression obligation (the no decompression time is short). … For recreational divers, a conservative model means less time in the water in order to avoid decompression requirements.