How do I protect my swimsuit from chlorine?

What makes a swimsuit chlorine resistant?

A great chlorine resistant option is one that contains Lycra. Lycra is always blended with another fabric, usually nylon or polyester, to give it the ideal stretch, fit and resilience to be used as a swimwear material.

How can I prolong the life of my swimsuit?


  1. #1: Shower with fresh water before entering the pool …learn more. …
  2. #2: Wash your chlorine resistant swimsuit in cool clear water …learn more. …
  3. #3: Do not machine wash your swimsuit …learn more. …
  4. #4: Roll your suit up in a clean dry towel and squeeze …learn more.

How do you fix chlorine hair?

Deep Condition Your Hair

Coconut oil is great to repair damaged hair caused by chlorine. Use of a conditioner before swimming can help to protect the hair follicles and stop the copper attaching itself. In addition to regular conditioner and a deep conditioner, try massaging the scalp with an essential oil.

How do I make fabric resistant to chlorine?

Soak the new swimsuit in water with a few drops of white vinegar followed by dipping it into plain cold water for a few minutes. The vinegar helps the colours of the fabric to set it well and the fibres become water laden and less prone to absorbing the perilous chlorine.

What does chlorine do to swimwear?

Unfortunately chlorine have a side effect which affects swimwear fabric, it tends to fade colors and fabric may disintegrate after several uses. Although salty waters does not cause swimwear fabric to disintegrate however it has the same effect of chlorinated waters in fading colors.

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