How do I make two rows of bullets in Word?

How do you put two bullet points on the same line?

How do you put two bullets on the same line in Google Docs?

  1. Open a Google Docs file or create a new one.
  2. Type a list of items. Press ENTER after each item.
  3. Select the list.
  4. Click Bulleted list.
  5. Keep the list selected. …
  6. Click List options. …
  7. Click on a symbol to add it as a bullet.

How do I create a multilevel bullet list in Word?

Define a new multilevel list

  1. Select the text or numbered list you want to change.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the arrow next to Multilevel List. …
  3. Expand the Multilevel list dialog box by clicking More in the lower left corner.
  4. Choose the list level to modify by selecting it in the list.

How do I add bullets after text in Word?


  1. Within your Microsoft document, place your cursor or highlight the text where you wish to insert a bulleted list.
  2. Under the [Home] tab in the “Paragraph” section, click the [Bullets] drop-down menu.
  3. Choose a bullet style or select “Bullets and Numbering” to create a customized bullet style.

How do you insert bullets in Word?

Add bullets to text to make a list in Word for the web

  1. Place your cursor where you want a bulleted list.
  2. Click Home> Paragraph, and then click the arrow next to Bullets. Choose a bullet style and start typing.
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How do you continue multilevel numbering in Word?

Applying Multilevel List Numbering to Existing Text

  1. Select the text you want to apply outline numbering to. EXAMPLE: Select the text of the test questions and answers.
  2. From the Home command tab, in the Paragraph group, click MULTILEVEL LIST. …
  3. Select the desired outline option. …
  4. Continue with Demoting Text.

How do you make a bullet symbol on a keyboard?

Type a Bullet Point

If you’re using Microsoft Windows, you can type a bullet by holding down the “Alt” key on your keyboard and typing the bullet alt code, which is “0149,” on your numeric keypad, on the right side of your keyboard.