How do I get started on a raft?

What do you do at the beginning of a raft?

Raft: 12 Pro Tips For Getting Started

  1. 5 Friends Can Distract The Shark.
  2. 6 You Don’t Need To Stop At Every Island. …
  3. 7 Fish And Cook Water. …
  4. 8 Don’t Build On The Edge. …
  5. 9 Expand Your Raft. …
  6. 10 Know Your Hook. …
  7. 11 Prepare For Enemies. …
  8. 12 Finding The Radio. …

How do I start the raft story?

The story can be started by crafting and installing a Receiver and three Antennas on the Raft. Four-digit codes found around the world of Raft can then be entered into the Receiver, and the story line can be started.

How do I add a raft to my raft?

Players will need rope in order to build extra structures to their craft, which can simply be crafted on the same toolbar used for the hammer. After players have enough material to craft structures, they simply equip the hammer and point and click on the spot they want to build to expand upon.

How do I get a smelter in the raft?

You don’t need blueprint for it (afaik only end game stuff have blueprints), it’s there automatically on research table. You only need to research the materials for it in research table (by putting wood, stone etc. on the research slot. it should list the materials you need to research.) to unlock the building recipe.

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How do you get on the radio raft?

To change the numbers you will have to press the up or down button and the change, the position of the numbers interacts with the side lever. Once the code is set, you will find a blue icon on the receiver screen. Sail your way towards the blue marker and you will find the radio tower.

How do I get my radio on the raft?

The Radio can be found on Shipwreck Island in the Abandoned Ship and it can also be bought at the Tangaroa vending machine service for six Tangaroa Tokens.

How do you upgrade in raft?

You can upgrade not only the way the raft handles, but also gain access to coviniences such as an onboard stove, a shelter, more item slots, and water purifier. To upgrade your raft, you have to find a harbor first. The harbor is marked with a distinctive icon.