Frequent question: Where can you dive with tiger sharks?

Can you free dive with tiger sharks?

This makes free diving an ideal way to interact with some incredible animals. I have been lucky enough to freedive with 8 different species of sharks in Bimini, including great hammerheads, bull, and tiger sharks. … The other hammerheads we regularly see come close all the time, but this moment was really special.

Where can you swim with tiger sharks?

The 4 Best Places to Dive with Tiger Sharks

  • Hawaii, USA. Dive with tiger sharks in Hawaii, especially around the capital city of Honolulu on Oahu. …
  • Protea Banks, South Africa. Go on a shark dive along the Protea Banks in South Africa. …
  • Beqa Island, Fiji. …
  • Tiger Beach, Bahamas.

Are Tiger Sharks in Hawaii?

Tiger sharks have been found to navigate between the main Hawaiian islands, and thus appear to occupy home ranges much larger than had been previously suspected. Tiger sharks are often attracted to stream mouths after heavy rains, when upland fishes and other animals are swept out to sea.

Can you free dive anywhere?

Freediving is a fun experience and an excellent way to explore the ocean without the need of buying expensive scuba equipment or even a boat. You can freedive from the beach, kayaks and paddle boards or anywhere else you have the opportunity to get out on the water.

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