Frequent question: What is the best Oneill wetsuit?

Which Oneill wetsuit is best?

Top 10 Best O’Neill Wetsuits Reviewed

  • O’Neill Reactor II 3/2 Full Wetsuit – Best Overall.
  • O’Neill Hyperfreak 5/4 Hooded Fullsuit – Best for Cold Water.
  • O’Neill O’Riginal 2mm Sleeveless Spring Wetsuit – Best for Warm Water.
  • O’Neill Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5 Hooded Full Wetsuit.
  • O’Neill Psycho Tech 4/3 Full Wetsuit.

Are Oneill wetsuits any good?

The O’Neill Epic is priced at the top end of entry-level wetsuits because of its high-quality features, but it is still relatively affordable. Overall, it is an excellent wetsuit for those who want to spend extra money to gain some slightly more advanced features than those you find in many entry-level wetsuits.

What is the best quality wetsuit?

The best wetsuits to buy now

  1. O’Neill Hyperfreak. Best wetsuit overall. …
  2. Rip Curl Flashbomb 3/2 Chest Zip. Another excellent, flexible wetsuit. …
  3. Quiksilver Highline Pro 1MM. …
  4. SRFACE Heat. …
  5. Olaian men’s surfing 4/3mm neoprene wetsuit 100. …
  6. Finisterre Nieuwland 3E. …
  7. Picture Organic Equation 3/2 FZ. …
  8. Patagonia R3 Yulex FZ Full Suit.

Do O’Neill wetsuits run big or small?


It should be comfortably snug all over. If the suit fits too loose, there will be cold water entering the suit and you’ll never stay warm. A suit that is too small or too big can cause rashing. O’Neill’s 50+ years of wetsuit design and engineering ensures an excellent fit.

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How warm is the O’Neill Hyperfreak?

Warmth: 4.5 Stars

This suit was tested in November in Los Angeles, California, where the water temperature during sessions hovered in the mid- to high- 50s. I’m well aware that many of you are (and will be) surfing in much colder waters. That said, the O’Neill Hyperfreak 4/3 F.U.Z.E.

What is Ultraflex neoprene?

ULTRAFLEX DS: High-performance super-stretch neoprene with a durable outer skin that resists velcro pulls and snags. Stretch factor: 150% FLUIDFLEX 2: A new category of high stretch neoprene with an ultra soft hand and insane affordability.

Is O’Neill a good brand?

Overall rating: Not good enough

O’Neill is rated Not good enough. Brands are rated from 1 (We Avoid) to 5 (Great).

What is a good wetsuit for cold water?

Water temperature and wetsuit thickness.

Water Temperature Wetsuit thickness Recommended wetsuit type
65°-75℉ / 18°-23℃ 0.5mm – 2/1mm Sleeveless
62°-68℉ / 16°-20℃ 2mm – 3/2mm Sleeveless / Fullsuit
58°-63℉ / 14°-17℃ 3/2mm – 4/3mm Fullsuit
52°-58℉ / 11°-14℃ 4/3mm – 5/4/3mm Fullsuit

Does Quicksilver make good wetsuits?

A quality wetsuit is essential for every athlete, especially to surfers, and Quiksilver knows that. Although the brand’s wetsuit collection is excellent for all types of watersports and at all levels, Quiksilver primarily designs and innovates quality wetsuits for surfers.

Why are wetsuits black?

Early Manufacturing

One of the reasons wetsuits are black actually dates back to the first days of rubber garment manufacturing. … The black color of neoprene also helps to improve insulation and will absorb any heat, retaining it for warmth, rather than repelling it as a lighter shade would.

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