Frequent question: What is a shelf bra in a swimsuit?

What is a shelf bra?

A shelf bra is a built-in bra that is woven seamlessly into the fabric of the swimsuit. It features an elastic band that wraps around the ribcage and provides structural support to the bustline.

Why would a woman wear a shelf bra?

Compression: The way built-in shelf bras compensate for support is through compression. It doesn’t have separate cups like regular bras do, so it pushes your breasts toward your chest to keep them in place despite lacking some features. No more bouncy boobs and shoulder pain with this bra!

Do shelf bras give support?

With their quarter-cup design, shelf bras typically don’t cover the nipple, but rather they are designed to have the breasts be perched on top of the cups. That being said, well-designed straps and bands along with mini molded cups can provide some lift and support.

What is shelf bra cami?

You’ll recognize a shelf bra by the extra fabric on the inside of your tank that has a built-in elastic underband and supports your chest via light compression. They’re ideal for wearing during low-impact activities or while you’re simply living your better-than-ever, bra-free life.

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