Frequent question: What does pearl diving mean?

What is pearl diver slang for?

Noun. pearl diver (plural pearl divers) A person who dives for pearls. (slang) A person who works as a dishwasher.

Why is dishwashing called pearl diving?

Pearl diving, they called it in the old days, and you did it when you had to, because it beat going hungry. … Gene Buck, ex-pearl diver turned publicist, took up the cause a year ago, forming an ad-hoc organization called Brotherhood for the Respect, Elevation and Advancement of Dishwashers (BREAD).

What is pearl diving in English?

noun. 1The action of diving for pearls. 2 slang (originally and chiefly US). The action of washing dishes in a cafe or restaurant.

How much does a pearl diver make?

Starting Salary

An average pearl dive in Australia earns about $1300 per day while it is $500 and above in America.

How many hours did the pearl divers dive per day?

They’d be side effects, nausea, sea sickness -attributed to the body getting used to the diving routine. > Divers would dive for 12-14 hours, before sunrise, and till sunset. >

What is a pearl diver in a restaurant?

“Pearl diver” is a nickname for a person who washes dishes—someone who “dives” for dishes in hot, greasy water. … A person who washes dishes in a cafe or restaurant.

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