Frequent question: Should I buy or rent snorkel gear in Hawaii?

Should you buy your own snorkeling gear for Hawaii?

We are often asked if it’s a good idea to bring snorkel gear to Hawaii. Unless you already own good quality snorkel gear that you love and have the room to pack it in your luggage, you don‘t really need to bring snorkel gear from home.

How much does it cost to rent snorkels in Hawaii?

So, the cost of snorkel rental in Hawaii can of course vary. But to give you at least some sort of idea, for a single day, you can expect to pay around $20 to rent a mask and snorkel together, and around $9 to rent just fins.

What snorkeling gear do I need for Hawaii?

One of the best things about snorkeling in Hawaii is how little equipment you need. You’ll only need a properly fitting mask, a snorkel, and a comfortable set of fins. Optional gear include a disposable underwater camera, a thin wetsuit, and flotation gear depending on your needs.

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How much does it cost to rent snorkel gear in Oahu?

In Honolulu, an average cost to rent a snorkel set will be about $16 for a day or $42 for a week.

Should I buy used snorkel gear?

The truth is that, unlike some other parts of your scuba gear, there isn’t much difference between buying a new BCD or a used one. As long as you check that it is fully functional, you are good to go.

Should I bring flippers to Hawaii?

Fins or no fins when snorkeling in Hawaii? … So, you don’t NEED fins, but you can think of it as helping you see more underwater life in less time! In the case that you’ll be snorkeling without fins, then water shoes can be a good idea. There are many beaches in Hawaii that have a sandy beach entrance.

Can you snorkel for free in Hawaii?

There are many snorkeling spots that are FREE!

And, since most beaches in Hawaii are free… this means that snorkeling is free too! One notable exception to this is Hanauma Bay. This is one of the best snorkeling spots in Oahu, and there’s an entry fee to snorkel here.

Should I bring my own snorkel gear to Key West?

You’ll need a mask, snorkel and fins to set off on a Key West snorkeling adventure. … Also, snorkeling gear, particularly fins, can be heavy and bulky to pack, making rentals an easier option if space is at a premium . Some travelers bring their own snorkel and rent the rest of the equipment.

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How do you sanitize a snorkel mouthpiece?

Method 1: Bleach and Warm Water

This is why it’s recommended that you use a mild bleach solution and warm water. The emphasis with this process is to use a mild bleach solution and to make sure that you thoroughly rinse the mouthpiece and tube with warm water.

Do you need a wetsuit to snorkel in Hawaii?

If you’re snorkeling in tropical areas such as the Maldives, Hawaii, Bahamas, etc, then you will not usually need a wetsuit. … Usually you will not see people wearing wet suits while simply snorkeling.

Do you have to wear a mask on Hawaii beaches?

Do I have to wear a face covering in the park or at the beach? No, you are not required to wear a mask outdoors.

What do snorkelers wear on their feet?

So, the solution is to wear a pair of sturdy flip flops or water shoes that have a loop on the heel. You wear these shoes out into the water until you are deep enough to float and change from your snorkeling shoes to your fins.