Frequent question: How much is a double jetski trailer?

Can you tow a jet ski on a double trailer?

Double trailers are designed to safely tow one or two skis. You will be ok, the weight is still between the wheels regardless of one or two skis on it.

Will a double jet ski trailer fit in a garage?

If you have a 9′ garage door you should be able to just fit a double trailer. Most of them are around 8-8.5′ wide. It may take a little time to learn to back them into place.

How much tongue weight does a jet ski trailer have?

If the total load — the weight of the boat, fuel, any gear and the trailer — is 2,000 pounds, then the tongue weight should be 200 pounds. This can vary a bit from trailer to trailer, so check with your trailer’s manufacturer.

Can a Prius tow a jet ski?

My Toyota Prius Can Haul A Jet Ski

No truck, no trailer, no problem. Just toss it in the back of the ol’ Prius and head on out.

Can a 4 cylinder pull a jet ski?

Most cars, even compact 4-cylinder ones, can tow a jet ski and trailer. Most cars can tow at least 1,500 pounds, so they can handle a single jet ski with trailer. Some cars can tow double jet ski trailer and skis depending on their weight.

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Can a Subaru Outback tow 2 jet ski?

Jay said: It would easily tow a jetski; remember there is gross weight and tongue weight. A jet ski with trailer might weigh in around 1700 pounds, but the tongue weight will be closer to 800.

Can a BMW tow a jet ski?

You shouldn’t have any problems towing any ski with a BMW. Bigger problem may be putting the ski in and out of the water with one. Some boat ramps may submerge the low rear end of your car getting it back far enough to float the ski.