Frequent question: How long should a surf rod holder be?

How tall should a rod holder be?

Next, you’ll want measure 66 inches from the ground upward, which marks the ideal closet rod height. The intersection of these two measurements (12-inch depth and 66-inch height) indicates where you should install the rod.

How long should a sand spike be?

Sand Spikes or Rod Holders for loose sand areas are made from PVC Pipe. A single 6 foot length of 2 inch diameter PVC pipe will make two 3 foot long sand spikes.

What size PVC should I use for a fishing rod holder?

In order to learn how to make sand spike rod holders we’re going to need a schedule 40 PVC pipe (size found in red on the side of the pipe as “SCH 40”) in a 1-1/2 inch width (also found on the side of the pipe). This is an important size to have because it will fit most of your fishing poles right in the end of it.

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