Frequent question: How do you hem a wetsuit?

What do you do when your wetsuit is too long?

If it feels uncomfortable while it is on, then it is too tight. If the arms and legs are a little long (or short) that’s ok. More often than not, manufacturers will create the wetsuit with the arms and legs extra long. That way you can trim them to your desired length.

Can wetsuits be hemmed?

Most wetsuits are made from neoprene, and this is material that you can’t simply cut and sew in the same way you might adjust a hem at the bottom of a pair of trousers or a skirt. … On some wetsuits, a sealant compound is also added, to give further strength to the seal between two pieces of neoprene.

Can you cut a wetsuit to make it shorter?

I have cut my wetsuits down for years and never had any issues. Just use a sharp pair if scissors and cut straight. It’s neoprene so you won’t have fibers fraying like you would a pair of cut off shorts.

Can you cut the legs off a wetsuit?

Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut the arms and/or legs to the desired length. We recommend cutting parallel to original cut on the wetsuit (note: the ankles are cut diagonally to maintain a bigger opening to aid you in getting your wetsuit on and off)

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Can I cut the arms off my wetsuit?

No issues. Just make sure you use a sharp pair of sicizors or blade. Most wetsuits have seam tape that runs up the seams from the arm and leg openings. Just make sure you cut where there is still seam tape–don’t cut above where the seam tape ends.

How much does it cost to repair a wetsuit?

Fixing a rip, tear, or hole in your wetsuit is actually really easy, and it only costs about $5-$10.

Does neoprene have to be hemmed?

Sewing Machine That Can Sew Neoprene

The walking foot slows the machine down by 50% and helps protect the needle from getting too hot. … Neoprene does not fray so you do not have to hem the material after cutting.

Can neoprene be ironed?

Yes you can. As others said, use parchment or a shirt between it.