Do you wear a costume under a wetsuit?

Do you wear swimming trunks under a wetsuit?

In warmer waters, you can wear underwear with minimal coverage (swimwear, swimming trunks, and the like) or nothing at all. If you probably rent a wet suit you’ll probably want to wear something underneath.

What does a woman wear under a wetsuit?

Again, when choosing your sleeveless vest, it should be a thin, quick-dry, lightweight fabric that is suitable for water sports, layering under wetsuits, and swimming. A one-piece swimsuit is an excellent choice if you are a woman.

What do female triathletes wear under wetsuit?

Just like men, women should wear a triathlon suit under their wetsuit. Depending on the model of the tri suit, you may find that it comes with a built-in bra. For the models that don’t, you would be required to wear a sports bra underneath the tri suit.

Do booties go over or under the wetsuit?

Always wear your wetsuit over your booties. This is what happens when you do the opposite and water can’t flush out!

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