Do all boats need a divers down flag?

Do I need a dive flag?

Persons scuba diving, skin diving, snorkeling, or underwater spearfishing must display a diver-down flag to warn other boaters. Unless there is an emergency, a diver may not surface more than 25 feet from the flag. It is unlawful to display a diver-down flag when not diving.

How far does a boat have to stay away from a diver-down flag?

Vessels must remain at least 50 feet away from the flag. If they have to approach the diving area, operators must have permission from the person who placed the flag or the boat displaying the flag. Outside of 50 feet, vessel operators must operate at “idle speed” out to a distance of 150 feet.

When you see a divers down flag you must?

State law requires that scuba divers and snorkelers display a diver-down flag to mark the diving area. Vessel operators must not operate within 50 feet of a displayed diver-down flag and must reduce speed to “idle speed” when within 200 feet of the flag.

What does a diver down flag look like boat Ed?

Divers Flag: A rectangular red flag, at least 15 x 15 inches, with a white diagonal stripe is used to indicate the presence of a submerged diver in the area.

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How far should you be from a dive flag?

Scuba divers or snorkelers must display a diver-down flag that marks their diving area. The flag must be displayed whenever someone is diving below the surface. Vessels should stay as far away from a diver-down flag as is reasonable and prudent for the circumstances. The suggested safe distance is 100 yards.

What do you do when you see a divers down symbol?

Diver-Down Warning Device

  • This warning device may be a divers-down flag, buoy, or other similar warning device. …
  • Boaters must make reasonable efforts to stay at least 300 feet away from divers-down warning devices in open water and at least 100 feet away in rivers, inlets, or navigation channels.

Do you need a dive flag for snorkeling?

Boat or buoy/float flag

As required by maritime regulations, when spearfishers, snorkelers or SCUBA divers are diving from a vessel, the blue and white ‘Alpha Diver in the Water’ flag should always be displayed from your vessel or from a buoy nearby the boat.

Do you have to have a dive flag when snorkeling?

If you are going to be going snorkeling in a protected marine park area or in a designated swimming area then a dive flag is not going to be needed. If, however, you are swimming in certain other areas, a visible dive flag may be required for divers and snorkelers for safety reasons.