Can you use surf wax on a bodyboard?

How do you clean a bodyboard?

There are two ways to scrape the wax off a bodyboard – using a hairdryer to melt it or pouring warm water over the board. Then, all you need is a classic plastic scraper along with a grease remover or citrus-based cleaner.

What do surfers rub on their boards?

Surfboard wax (also known as surf wax) is a formulation of natural and/or synthetic wax for application to the deck or surface of a surfboard, bodyboard, or skimboard, to keep the rider from slipping off the board when paddling or riding a wave.

Do you need surf wax?

Wax gives you all the grip you need to ride your board – without this, forget surfing! It’s also key to make sure you get the right wax to go on your board depending on the temperature of the water you plan to surf in, this will give you the best possible grip and therefore the best performance.

How do you remove wax from a foam board?

You need to melt the wax in order to remove it. Hot water or a hair dryer will do it, but unlike a surfboard where you can then just scrape it up you’ll need a dish towel or old t-shirt (something that the wax wants to stick to more than your board) to pull the wax up.

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