Can you surf in Townsville?

Is Townsville good for surfing?

Townsville’s The Strand takes out top spot on the annual best Queensland beach list. Surf Life Saving Queensland judges the beaches, giving top points for safety. Beaches up and down the Queensland coast have made the cut.

Can you surf in North Queensland?

Surfing far north Queensland is not impossible but it can be challenging. But yes, an experienced and keen surfer can surf in Cairns. An amateur will have a hard time riding the low and unpredictable waves of Cairns. If you want to go surfing near Cairns, you need to know more about the sea beaches of north Queensland.

Are there waves in Hervey Bay?

Hervey bay is beautiful, but the main part of town doesn’t have a beach, it has sheltered bays (with no waves) which means you can swim all year round without worrying about stingers.

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