Can you surf in Puerto Vallarta?

Are Puerto Vallarta beaches swimmable?

Puerto Vallarta is located on beautiful Banderas Bay where the waters are calmer than the Pacific Ocean. The bay and beaches are perfect for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Summers have less wave action and the water is clearer.

Is there surf in bucerias?

Best known for: Great wave, warm water, sun! Surfing near Bucerias is great, with Punta de Mita only 10 minutes away and Sayulita about 25 minutes away you catch some of the best Mexico has to offer for waves! Surfing looks way easier than it is, so give the local surfers some credit for trying!

Are there shark attacks in Puerto Vallarta?

Shark Attacks in Puerto Vallarta

Shark attacks in general are actually very rare in the world. … The straightforward answer is yes, there actually are sharks in Puerto Vallarta, but there is no real reason to worry while you’re in Banderas Bay!

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