Can you surf in Montpellier?

Is there any surf in France?

Running from the south of Brittany down to the Spanish border, France’s western coast is brilliant for surfing, with a diverse coastline that offers up vast stretches of sand and hidden coves, attracting beginners and enticing back professional surfers time and time again.

Does France have good surfing?

That said, there are still some great waves to be found. Coline Menard at the Roxy Jam France. The Coast of Light needs bigger swells to start working due to its coastline but still offers a wide variety of waves. It has some great waves for summer surfers and is generally less crowded that the Silver Coast surf spots.

Where should a beginner surf in France?

Seignosse, Landes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The most beginner-friendly waves in Seignosse are Les Bourdaines and Les Estagnots, both with easy access and small, fun waves on a low tide. If you happen to go in autumn, take some time to watch the pros fighting for the world title during the Quiksilver Pro France.

Is there surfing in Paris?

Though Paris is home to the largest number of French surfers, residents are forced to travel hours to access popular surf destinations that include Normandy, Biarritz, and Hossegor. La Vague Grand Paris will offer an alternative to hours of travel for the devoted surfers that made up the Parisian community.

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Can you surf in Monaco?

In Monaco, there are only 3.8 kilometers (2.4 miles) of shoreline. There are only two surfable beaches: one free and one private called Le Méridien Beach Plaza. It may not be ideal, but it’s not impossible, either.

Will surfing be in the 2024 Olympics?

Skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing will be featured in 2024, with the surfing competition located in Tahiti, nearly 10,000 miles away from Paris. The Paris Games will also add breakdancing for the first time ever.