Can you snorkel off the beach in Cozumel?

Where can I snorkel for free in Cozumel?

Free Snorkeling around Cozumel

  • Money Bar.
  • Sky Reef.
  • Playa Azul.
  • Punta Sur.
  • Buccanos Beach Club/Bar & Grill.
  • Hotel Cozumel (must be a guest or purchase a day pass)
  • Tikila Bar.
  • Playa Corona.

How much is snorkeling in Cozumel?

ADULTS: $35.00 $29.50 KIDS: $25.00 $20.00 – YOU SAVE 15% ! Cozumel is situated on the second largest barrier reef in the world, and coupled with its amazing near-200 foot visibility, this firmly establishes it as one of the most dramatic snorkeling destinations in the world.

Can you snorkel at Mr sanchos?

Mr. Sancho’s Cozumel is situated in over 1,500 feet of pristine sandy beach that makes it the perfect place for water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, wave runners, parasailing, we also have horseback riding and ATV Tours through both jungle and beach.

Is there a ferry from Tulum to Cozumel?

There is no direct connection from Tulum to San Miguel de Cozumel. However, you can take the bus to Playa del Carmen, take the walk to Playa del Carmen, then take the ferry to Cozumel. Alternatively, you can take a vehicle from Tulum to San Miguel de Cozumel via Playa del Carmen and Playa del Carmen in around 2h 57m.

Is there a travel advisory for Cozumel?

Cozumel is open and traveling Cozumel, Mexito is safe and easy, with few covid travel restrictions or entry requirements, few coronavirus cases and certification as a Safe Travels destination.

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