Can you kayak on White Rock Lake?

Do you have to wear a life jacket White Rock Lake?

All swimmers must have a flotation device (raft, tube, swim noodle, life jacket, etc.) 1 device per person. This is not a pool. Water is deep.

How much is it to rent a kayak on White Rock Lake?

Single Kayaks – $14.99/hr and $7.50 each additional half hour.

Are kayaks safe in lakes?

Strong currents pose a risk to you in the kayak if they pull you further from the shore than you planned to go. They can also be extremely dangerous if you get caught in one after falling out of your kayak. The majority of lakes only generate small waves and choppy water that most kayakers can handle.

Can you eat fish from White Rock Lake?

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife annual survey, which measures pounds of game fish per acre of lake, White Rock Lake has been a great place for fishing over the last several years. … And the lake’s fish are safe to eat.

Can you have alcohol at White Rock Lake?

Is alcohol allowed at the White Rock Rental Facilities? Yes, with a $50 non-refundable alcohol permit application, and a $600 refundable deposit. You must also have Dallas Police present at the time of consumption. Please call 214-670-0557 to arrange a police officer.

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Can you drink at White Rock Lake?

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the park, public street, sidewalks and parking adjacent to the park.

How old do you have to be to go to White Rock?

Everyone 18 and older must have an ID.

When should you not go kayaking?

We do not recommend going out on the water in a kayak when winds are 15 knots or more. More wind means more waves. Eyeballing the water will give you a good idea whether you should embark out.

Is 60 degrees too cold to kayak?

Water temps below 60 F/15 C can be immediately life threatening due to “cold shock”—you lose breathing control, your heart and blood pressure are affected, and your ability to think clearly is impaired. Kayakers are able to kayak in dangerously cold water—in very cold weather—when they’re dressed for it.