Can you dive in Costa Rica?

Can you scuba dive in Costa Rica without certification?

Nature lovers and adventurers who are not certified scuba divers who want to experience Costa Rica’s underwater wildlife. Some travelers think that scuba diving is only for the pros. The truth is anyone can do it!

How much does it cost to scuba dive in Costa Rica?

PADI Diver Courses in Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Diving instructions, courses and certifications
Snorkeling tour $94.00
Scuba diving at Isla del Caño (two dives including all equipment) $140.00
Scuba diving at Isla del Caño (three dives including all equipment) $195.00
Resort Course (non-certification one day experience) $195.00

Is it safe to snorkel in Costa Rica?

Not quite. The country’s coast may be long and inviting yet not all of it is accessible to snorkelers. The eastern (Caribbean) side is notoriously remote, which is gorgeous in one way but also means that, essentially, there are only a few choice spots for exceptional snorkeling Costa Rica offers in this area.

Can you see whale sharks in Costa Rica?

While not overly common, whale sharks are found in our waters off of Costa Rica. The best part about it, you never know where they are going to show up. We have had sightings at the Catalinas, Bat Islands as well as the diving in the Gulf de Papagayo. … It is a great little dive site next to the famous Monkey Head!

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