Best answer: Why does my Excel have 1 million rows?

How do I get rid of million rows in Excel?

Copy the rows that you do want to another sheet and delete the old sheet. Then rename the sheet (if it was named). If that is not an option just select the offending rows in smaller sections and delete.

Why is Excel showing so many rows?

Couple ways you can try to fix this, select all the columns and/or rows outside of the area your data exists, then right-click and delete rows/columns. If it’s just static data that dosn’t reach across tabs, it may be easier to just highlight the data, copy and paste to a new tab. Then delete the old tab.

How do you stop Excel from creating infinite rows?

Press Ctrl+Shift+down to select all the rows that already contain data. ( DO NOT select the whole column by selecting from the top)

  1. Press and hold Control and the press the right arrow. So Ctrl+Right.
  2. Then press Ctrl-Down.
  3. Then press Delete.
  4. Save.

Can Excel have more than 1 million rows?

You may know that Excel has a physical limit of 1 million rows (well, its 1,048,576 rows). But that doesn’t mean you can’t analyze more than a million rows in Excel. The trick is to use Data Model.

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How do I fix too many rows in Excel?

To lock multiple rows (starting with row 1), select the row below the last row you want frozen, choose the View tab, and then click Freeze Panes. To lock multiple columns, select the column to the right of the last column you want frozen, choose the View tab, and then click Freeze Panes.

How do I delete a large number of rows in Excel?

Hold Shift while you click the ending cell.

How can I delete thousands of consecutive rows & columns without having to hold down the command key & selecting the entire block?

  1. Click the content of the Name Box.
  2. Type the range to be selected [e.g., A50:K297]
  3. Press return.

How do I delete all the extra rows in Excel?

Now press the CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE key combination. This will select the entire row of selected cells. Now press CTRL+ – (CTRL and Minus) key combination. This will delete the entire rows.

How do I get rid of unused cells in Excel?

On the Home tab, click the Delete dropdown in the Cells group and choose Delete Cells. Excel will display the Delete dialog box, with the Delete Cells Up option selected. Click OK.