Best answer: Where can I snorkel from the Florida Keys from shore?

Where can you snorkel from the beach in the Keys?


  • John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Easily one of the most recognizable diving and snorkeling spots in the Florida Keys, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo covers 70 nautical square miles and was the first underwater park in the United States. …
  • Molasses Reef. …
  • Alligator Reef. …
  • Sombrero Reef.

Where can I snorkel in the Keys without a boat?

Those who look for snorkeling in the Keys without a boat should not miss visiting Higgs Beach. This beautiful beach is located on the south shore, along Atlantic Boulevard. It’s one of the most popular snorkeling spots in the Key West because the US only shore-accessible underwater marine park can be found here.

Where can I go snorkeling in Key West for free?

Best free snorkeling Beach – Higgs Beach

  • United States.
  • Florida (FL)
  • Florida Keys.
  • Key West.
  • Key West – Things to Do.
  • Higgs Beach.

Do you need to know how do you swim to snorkel?

Technically you do not need to know how to swim to snorkel. This is because there are pieces of equipment that can help non-swimmers get into the water to go snorkeling. These include life-jackets, wetsuits, and fins.

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What is the best time of day to snorkel in the Keys?

You really are better off to go morning …. and afternoon. Often the morning gets you calmer seas. This will make the trip out and back smoother and easier snorkeling.