Best answer: How do you make a raft in stranded deep ps4?

How do you use the cartographer in stranded deep PS4?

The Cartographer is found by navigating through Stranded Deep’s Main Menu > Cartographer . To generate a new world, overriding the existing one, click on Create New World at the bottom left of the screen. This will prompt the Seed input screen. Randomly generated worlds can be replicated by re-using the seed value.

Is raft on PS4 2021?

Raft PS4. Raft is currently in Early Access, so until there’s a full launch there isn’t any chance of a Raft PS4 release.

How do you use the life raft in stranded deep ps4?

Start by dragging it out into the water by looking at the raft and holding the right mouse button. If it is already in the water, skip the next 2 sentences. Not too deep or you’ll be in shark territory. Use the space bar and W to jump forward into the raft.

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