Best answer: Does Kylie Jenner own a yacht?

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Do any of the Kardashians own a yacht?

KYLIE Jenner has spared no expense on her 22nd birthday as she treated family to a trip on a £1million a week luxury yacht in Italy. … The yacht has its own speed boat, dozens of staff and en suite bedrooms with balconies.

Does Jay-Z own a yacht?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are living their best lives aboard a $400 million yacht. … Beyoncé, Jay-Z and their three children (Blue Ivy and twins Rumi and Sir) are currently aboard the Flying Fox, a 450-foot-long yacht was costs approximately $4 million a week to charter, according to Forbes.

What rapper owns a yacht?

If Jay-Z is in fact the owner of the Boat Tail, it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. He’s long shown an appreciation for the finer things in life. He’s also one of a select few who can afford to own the world’s most expensive car. After all, he did become rap’s first billionaire almost exactly two years ago.

How much did Beyonce pay for her yacht?

The pair decided to rent the mega-yacht Flying Fox for around $4 million a week. On her Instagram account, Beyoncé shared the photos from the impressive ship that measures about 417 feet long and costs about $500 million to build. The ship can accommodate up to 25 passengers comfortably in several suites.

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Does Michael Jordan own a yacht?

Michael Jordan is one of the most respected men on the planet. … His Airness owes it to himself to indulge in the fruits of his labor; so, he decided to kick off 2019 by purchasing an $80 million yacht and cruise to the islands of St. Barths.